About Us

Canam-Structures provides Canam Group’s customers and partners with technical and manufacturing expertise for the fabrication of structural steel components.


The pursuit of a better customer experience

The Strength of a Group

Canam-Structures is a service of Canam Group, a manufacturing company that has specialized in designing construction solutions and custom manufacturing products since 1961. 

Canam Group is a leader in the steel construction industry in both Canada and the United States thanks to its know-how and the quality of its products and services.

On average, Canam Group participates in 10,000 construction projects per year, namely in three areas:

  • buildings
  • structural steel
  • bridges


Canam Buildings

Design, fabrication and installation of products for the construction of buildings for commercial, industrial, institutional and multiresidential projects

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Structural Steel

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Canam Structures
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Design, fabrication and installation of structural steel components in the industrial, commercial and institutional.



Design, fabrication and construction of steel bridges, structural bearings, expansion joints and related products for highway, railway and industrial markets.

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