Outstanding Employees

We have over 150 production employees with an average of 17.5 years of experience at Canam. They work in two shifts to manufacture structural components and are CWB, AWS and D1.5 certified.

Several production and management employees spend their entire careers at Canam. It is not uncommon to see employees reach 40 or more years of service with the company.

Canam was built not only by highly competent people, but also by people who have invested time and energy into the development of the company. We are a leader in our industry, not only because of our quality products, but also because our employees have expertise, ingenuity and the desire to improve. We consider our human resources to be our strength.

Our success is closely tied to the expertise and commitment of our employees, who share our culture and our values. This is why we promote the well-being, fulfillment, development and advancement of our personnel.


Renown Reliability

Canam’s reputation and reliability for delivering large-scale projects based on principles of excellence that meet and exceed customer expectations. These principles are at the heart of our commitment to providing exceptional service and a great customer experience.

Over the years, Canam has helped build nearly 80 sports facilities, many of which are home to professional hockey, football, baseball, soccer and basketball teams. You can consult the project file of some of our projects by country:

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Consult our project list, which includes projects in sectors other than sports facilities.