Lean Manufacturing and Innovation

Innovation to Better Serve You

The implementation of Lean manufacturing has helped to consolidate our culture of continuous improvement by setting clear and simple performance goals for our employees to meet during each stage of production.

Moreover, several Lean principles have already been implemented in our structural steel fabrication plant, such as:

  • Using takt time: the rate of production that the process must maintain in order to fulfill the customer’s request (Time available per day / Number of units to be produced per day)
  • Performing daily team stand-up meetings
  • Using production codes and cost tracking in one-piece flow
  • Improving workstations and optimizing operations
  • Using a pull approach to better meet the demands and needs of customers

In the same effort to improve, in 2018, we will replace our plate-cutting machine and other equipment on the beam line.

We are able to use software processing for point-cloud laser scanning and make comparisons with 3D models from detailing software.


Continuous Training

Innovation and continuous improvement are crucial to maintaining our expertise and know-how. The ongoing training of our estimators, engineers and project managers is paramount. Our equipment is in the process of being renewed according to a strategic investment plan for efficiency improvement.


Employee Innovation

The outstanding achievements of our employees are rewarded under the LeanOvation program. We believe that the people best suited to submit ideas for continuous improvement and help implement them are our employees.